Monday, January 23, 2012

Lovely fan art for your enjoyment

Among the many talented people I know is my friend Fyodor, who lives in New York with his equally lovely and talented husband, Lawrence. They are illustrators and performers, working on individual projects, as well as a comic book together, Baritarian Boy. Note: Some of the content posted on their Tumblr blogs/comic, while no less delightful, is occasionally NSFW. 

Fan art is not Fyodor’s general niche, but he has done a few drawings that would be relevant to our readership’s interests. With his kind permission, I’m sharing some for you here. Let’s start with some Sherlock:

"Cumberbatch locked me in a high tower of his mind palace for a thousand years."

More after the jump

Cumberbatch meets canon

Canon Sherlock Holmes, for an upcoming issue of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine

Now, moving on to another favorite fandom: the Potterverse. Below is an image of a commissioned Severus Snape tattoo .

And last, but not least, while it’s not entirely part of the geek zeitgeist, it does still have a fandom overlap: one example of his Downton Abbey fan art (there’s more where that came from on Fyodor’s tumblr).

A few characters, including my personal favorite, the Dowager Countess.

So, there you have it. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. 

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